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Adoption for SAP S/4HANA is growing and businesses are preparing for the move. For many enterprises, this requires upgrading your SAP applications and the challenges of time, cost, impact and risk.

Elton meets these challenges, ensuring continuous quality of enterprise applications. This enables companies to be more agile in addressing constant change, and ultimately safeguarding their journey to S/4HANA.

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It can be complex and costly upgrading to the SAP HANA database when you don’t understand the full impact of the upgrade to your SAP system. Elton CloudQuality™ Suite ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness by knowing the impact of change by scoping, automating and prioritizing the project. Using Elton CloudQuality Suite you gain visibility and clarity to any change before you even begin the upgrade, so that you can use insights to make smart decisions for a successful plan and execution.

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SAP EHP Upgrade

SAP EHP Upgrade

An SAP EHP upgrade requires the installation of a new SAP software version. This is a complex task which often takes longer and costs more than expected.

Elton CloudQuality simplifies the EHP upgrade by removing complexity and risk. By leveraging automation and crowd wisdom, you can effectively plan, scope, prioritize and test all your ERP changes to guarantee a zero-risk go live.

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Organizations that want to stay relevant during this time of digital disruption must ensure their supply chain management systems offer real time and responsive customer-centric processes and analytics.

Elton CloudQuality is tailored to the SCM environment so that customers can better plan their SCM upgrade. Using the platform's impact analysis and testing capabilities, they can go live 50% faster with zero defects.

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Code Quality Assurance

Today all organizations strive for agility. Many times however, quick and agile coding means sacrificing code quality for fast delivery.

Elton CloudQuality Suite provides a code quality assessment that pinpoints critical vulnerabilities, ensuring you achieve the highest level of quality and performance from your SAP system. Organizations no longer need to take on major security and quality projects that require extra IT time, budgets and manpower to ensure their ABAP code.

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SAP Testing Overview

Designed for your SAP environment, Elton Test Center is an integrated end-to-end testing platform. It covers the entire functional testing spectrum including Unit Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression and UAT.

Elton provides full visibility into the end-to-end SAP business processes, based on crowd wisdom of over 9000 change projects and 5 million test scripts. It is a scalable test solution that accelerates testing, creating a truly agile SAP environment.

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User Acceptance Testing

Solutions today are focused on the technical side of testing, providing no collaborative or tactical methods for the management and execution of functional testing. This is a key part of business process testing that is featured in the Elton solution.

With Elton Test Center, UAT cycles are accelerated with features that address challenges like usability, idle time between users, defect reporting and screen shot documentation. This drastically increases productivity, efficiency and collaboration during the UAT cycle while reducing time and effort.

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