By leveraging new business models, innovative capabilities and the wealth of data available, you can create a robust and efficient public infrastructure, ensure safety and security, support the needs of individuals, facilitate sustainable economic growth, and build stronger communities. Etlon Technologies ,implement proven strategies and technology solutions for successful public governance.

Managing major programs

Elton Technologies manages the steering of major transformation projects drawing on major ERP platforms (SAP, Oracle…), specific solutions or exchange systems facilitating collaboration between the various organisations. Elton Technologies handles the complete transformation program: defining the transformations to be made; implementing the information system; deploying and managing change.

Updating a software asset base

In order to seamlessly update software assets to meet new requirements, Elton Technologies combines a process of updating and correcting applications with an overall enhancement of the application environment, even going as far as anticipating future technologies and rationalizing existing tools..

Business know-how approach

Elton Technologies has the know-how to meet the information requirements at the heart of its customers businesses, and can call on broad and deep experience in a host of domains: the civil service, public municipalities and social protection. Elton Technologies’s acquired experience of best practices are put to the service of all customers.

Elton Technologies has developed cutting-edge expertise in support functions and complex issues common to all public organizations (financial management, human resources, property, purchases, steering, etc.).

Technical expertise

Elton Technologies has solid expertise in a host of technologies: Web architectures, inter-operability, dematerialization, security, RFID, mobile users (smartphone applications, etc.).

With Elton Technologies, Public Sector Managers can approach major transformation programs in an innovative manner, achieving the desired outcomes whilst giving the information system the level of agility needed to meet wider needs and future challenges...