Elton – SAP & Oracle for Healthcare solutions

In this Current environment, you need the agility to respond quickly and effectively to market changes and opportunities while optimizing your operational and technology investments.

As a global IT Organisation supporting thousands of healthcare-related companies, Elton can help you be a leading pacesetter that saves costs while ensuring quality care.

The healthcare and life sciences landscape is experiencing a period of rapid transformation driven by rising costs, legislative and regulatory changes, industry consolidation, and an aging demographic. At the same time, innovation – in the form of new treatments, drugs, and services – remains the most powerful and effective driver of business growth, profitability, and competitiveness.

Elton Deliver high-quality, cost-effective, personalized healthcare services with industry software from SAP & Oracle

We Provide superior care and make it easier for your patients to live better. Our software for the healthcare industry can help you zero in on individual patient needs, achieve more successful outcomes – and run cost-effective operations that maximize staff productivity.

The potential benefits?

• Improved decision making and outcomes with integrated analytics

• Reduced readmissions, medical errors, and average cost per case with better KPI monitoring

• Real-time patient care anytime, anywhere with mobile healthcare apps

• Integrated patient financial processes for faster billing and collection times*

• Increased patient satisfaction due to personalized patient interaction and services and real-time collaboration

• Flexibility and agility with the most advanced, open healthcare platform

Why Elton ?

• Elton’s integrated healthcare IT solutions, secure data management and enterprise collaboration enable care coordination and patient engagement capabilities

• Capabilties for aggregating clinical data across systems help you achieve detailed, holistic views of patient medical records

• Only Elton delivers a complete, standards-based, semantically interoperable health information exchange (HIE) solution

• Elton offers comprehensive, fully integrated talent solutions—from recruitment to succession planning

• Elton uniquely provides integrated healthcare business intelligence

• Elton solutions deliver unified controls for secure enterprise access and compliance management across contracting and finance

• Elton Healthcare is a proud supporter of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise initiative

• Our 24/7 support & services from our partnerships like SAP & Oracle.