Elton Overview Repowering Energy

Elton's industry leading solutions help Energy fluid your business' innovation and growth engine

The global energy markets are standing at crossroads Nowdays. The themes that dominated the opening years of the century (prosperity, markets, peak oil, global warming and clean technology) are giving way to a different set of concerns centered on inequality, affordability, regulation and techniques for extracting oil and gas from tight rock formations and ever-deeper below the surface areas.

A small picture of different challenges prevalent in the industry:

Highly volatile price of crude and low retail margins make investing large capital exceedingly risky

Vastly different qualities of crude and long supply chains make scheduling of refinery an extremely complicated operation

Complex trading and stringent regulatory guidelines add another dimension to the complexity

Extremely large amount of data, over 15 MB every second, from across the Oil & Gas value chain makes storage and analysis a tough endeavor.

How we help our clients:

Elton's Oil & Gas practice helps firms address these complexities through solutions which can:

Effectively - collect data right from oil wells till the retail outlets, i.e. the entire energy value chain

Proactively - identify gaps and address integration points in different parts of the energy value chain to increase operational effectiveness

Accurately - provide custom tools and frameworks to analyze data and represent it in the form of MIS & management dashboards

Elton has made large investments to create the best team of domain experts including:


Logging and production engineers

Seismic modelers and petroleum economists

Financial and energy traders in trading segment

Refinery operations

Retail marketing and B2B marketing

SAP IS Oil upstream and downstream

Elton Core team covers the areas to support our clients includes:


Enterprise resource planning

Product engineering services

Portals and content management solutions to leverage technology for meeting thier business goals & targets & revenue

SAP IS Oil upstream and downstream.

Elton key differentiators in Oil & Gas domain are the following :

High end business consulting coupled with leading IT services and capabilities – managing IT to solve business problems aligned to strategies of Oil & Gas companies Proven solutions across the value chain – digital oil fields, collaborative work environment, hydrocarbon management, real time data management, petro technical application management, refinery in a box, smart solutions, asset management, retail site systems and more Integrated ‘Think, Build, Operate’ Oil & Gas delivery model – coupled with cost optimized Next Generation models to boost operational efficiency levels in both ERP and non-ERP systems Established ecosystems comprising key product vendors in the Oil & Gas space – including strategic partnerships with SAP and Oracle Set of unique Oil & Gas process labs to manage complex workflows, testing and frameworks - retail modernization solutions, OSI PI, terminal management and automation amongst others Experience working with the world's largest retail firms to bring their best practices to Oil & Gas retail outlets Elton -wide focus on the environment through the 'Eco Certified program investing in HSE niche solutions and best practices for Energy Audits. A unique energy trading practice of working closely with financial experts to bring financial services’ best practices to energy trading Elton 's strong domain team with experience working in upstream, refineries, Oil & Gas retail, HSSE and energy trading Elton Core team and experienced IS Oil Consulting team coupled with rich domain experience in O&G upstream, downstream and EAM We also take support from our partners SAP & Oracle for best pratices.