Cloud Enablement

With Qstack & Elton Experts you can:

We manage virtual and bare metal server from the same unified,easy-to-use dashboard

Fully customize ,while keeping the ease-of-use,self-service capabilities that allow you to manage

Multiple geo-zones from a single pane of glass.

use the burstability feature to create on-demand hybrid configurations with unrestricted scalability

further diversify your offerings by branding Qstack as your own public cloud.

have support for multiple API's, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 have PaaS-capable with third party add-on

isolate resources and quotas for departments projects and users

offer added value for customers with VMware vSphere compatibility

Customers will benefit from:

have your customers enjoy enhanced security and control of their private cloud

industry-standard API compatibility

option to plug in existing SAN or NAS storage

optional isolation at network and/or rack level

Secure Single-Sign-On (SSO) support

ready-to-use VM templates for Windows, Linux and more.

integration with existing monitoring solutions

full SSH access and a browser-based console built into the dashboard.

option to bring own portal and IP range

compatibility with KVM and VMware