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IBM System Networking Solutions-Smarter Networking

“Infrastructure Matters” -- On a Smarter Planet, enterprise data centers and system networks must be Responsive, Simplified and Adaptive.

Today's data center operators and IT professionals demand smarter networking built for cloud, big data and optimized workloads where “Infrastructure Matters.” Modern-era data centers and IT operations require Responsive, Simplified and Adaptive system networks to harness today’s innovations in Expert Integrated Systems, Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization. IBM System Networking Solutions are designed to power massively scalable workloads, such as public and private clouds, big data and analytics, financial services, and a wide range of high performance computing and highly virtualized applications.

Responsive -- interoperable, scalable and highly virtualized system networking

Simplified -- Speed and agility for real-time business and big data

Adaptive -- Resilient, reliable and secure networking for optimized workloads and cloud


• Software Defined Networking

• Cloud Computing

• Container Data Centers

• Convergence


• Hyperscale

• IBM Power Systems

• Intelligent Traffic Management and Distribution

• Smart Analytics

• Server Virtualization

• Open Data Center Interoperable Network (ODIN)

Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite (VDS) goes beyond traditional content delivery network (CDN) products. It is a third-generation, video-centric, content delivery suite of products that optimizes the delivery of any type of video content over any network to any type of device. VDS is a holistic end-to-end solution built on open standards and interoperability that bridges cloud and network functionality while serving as the network distribution engine behind the Videoscape architecture.

With the introduction of VDS, Cisco leads the industry in providing a complete product suite with all the capabilities needed for the third generation of content delivery. It offers managed delivery and transparent caching of content on IP, TV, and mobile networks; in-network recording and multi-format origin server; multi-CDN federation; end-to-end analytics, and mobile content optimization.